Zombiesiege is another Gamemode map developed by teaflower. The game is more or less self explanatory in its own name. The map contains "zombie" blocks (along with a few terminator bots on occasion) that will chase and kill players. Current buildings include the hospital, in which you spawn, many buildings taken directly, or almost directly, from teasmap as well as original buildings such as the asylum. Like warzone, this map should be reverted to its last stable state after completion of a round. Tea tends to not like things like rocketstart. Be respectful.

Many believe that zombiesiege is what the future of teasmap is. However, this is still the SCP and there is no canon.


  • *note: The red line is the monorail/train. Respect it, or it will run you over.



Hospital (left) and Asylum (right):


Other places:


A murderous teaflower bot, eyeing her prey.

A horde of bots of various sorts.

And a little something special for the SCPers!