One of the most often visited Creative maps, Wasteland was an expansive area of mountains and who knows what else. Space above and below ground was limited. Regardless, though, people built grand castles, towers, blimps… you name it, it was built. Lost in the bowels of time, though, are which flags are which. If you know which flag is which, please fix it up, kay?

Because of the sheer mass of images, these will all be linked to, not put directly on the page.
A question mark on a gold field. Owner: Unknown.

A green T and F with a pink flower. This was for teaflower's underground castle. The complex stretched very deeply underground, with various smaller rooms and wall arts. Entry was via a long shaft, down to the bedrock of the world.

A yellow field with a purple sideways L block. Owner: Unknown. However, this shows the neat functions of creative servers: IRC messages could be hooked directly to the chat in server. Likewise, people in server could talk to people in chat.

A green, white, and pink flag. Unknown owner. Raven. The flag of my homeland.

The Japanese flag. Unknown owner, but the Stargate is visible in the background. These, at one point, could be used to teleport a user from one map to another.

Two blue flags, with a cyan cross in the center. This might be Nioki's, but it's unknown at the moment.

A rather elongated wooden flag with a green # in the bottom. Unknown owner, but also shows how a user (such as teaflower) could have a specific title added to their name.

A black flag with purple rectangles, attached to an airship. If memory serves, this belonged to Rights. The other flag in question, a black and red thing, is unknown.

A... vuvuzela man. The World Cup was ongoing, and everyone LOVED vuvuzelas.

A yellow flag with a simple purple dot in the center. A lot of people like yellow and purple. Too bad no one knows who they are.

Purple field, yellow cross. Again with the purple and yellow. What about red and gray?!

An obsidian field (there was no pure black cloth) with a lava I in the center. … close enough to my red and gray.

A checkered flag. Unknown, but the snow man that one spawned into is visible.

A wooden flag with a blue W in the center. Possibly WackoMcGoose…? Unknown.