Warzone2 is one of our "blow stuff up" maps. Upon getting MCzall, it was realized that our battle maps could be much more… …battle-ier? Lively? Anyhow, we ended up completely nuking both new maps we tried this on. So Progress decided to organize the chaos, make a standard map and a basic set of rules. Several different additions, battles, changes and a full map later, Warzone2 is the result. The map suffers from extreme lag when being played.


1) No flowing liquids. This includes your typical active_whatevers as well as geysers, magma, and other general physics borkers.

2) No use of excessive force. This means no killer_phoenixes or nervegas or other extremely troublesome blocks.

3) No invincibility. That shouldn't need to be said, but I don't trust any of you.

4) Limit explosives. That means follow the rules on number of whatever-the-hell-you're-using.

5) Limit critters. See rule four, sentence two.

6) Don't build out of lag materials. This includes flammable stuff, like wool, as well as op materials, such as op_whatever and adminium.

7) Limit the use of your hacks. I personally don't use them, and matrix style dodging would just make this harder than necessary. Atleast take a vote on whether or not to use them in your game.

8) Keep the team sizes and ranks equal. Only op+ can build lethal blocks such as critters or rocketstarts, so each team needs atleast one.

9) current standard limits are: 1 rocketstart; 5 dynamite; 5 lethal critters; 10 non-lethal critters (why?).

I believe that covers warzone2 for now. Happy hunting!