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Wait, what was I doing? Oh yeah, member page. Anyway, I'm WackoMcGoose, one of the semi-regulars to SMP (and Creative before minecraft.net went XK and Notch hasn't reactivated the serverlist). I'm fairly good at building, but usually don't get very ambitous in most cases. Most of the time I'm wandering around the map, looking through caves and mining anything I see (though no diamonds so far, everyone else seems to have Cartograph'd them all!). I'm in college, so I'm not on all the time, and I'm also supposed to be working on Roblox Lyoko, but Minecraft is just too addicting! So addicting, Roblox apparently blocked the word "minecraft" from their forums O_O

Current projects:

  • Creative: Blowing the [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] out of stuff. And then reverting it. MCzall's permission list giving /physics to Ops is great :D
  • SMP:
    • Main SMP map: A treehouse with a seecret or five. You burn it, you replant it. Growth pattern is five saplings in a + shape. Protip: To get saplings to grow next to each other, as each sapling grows, stand on each ungrown sapling and break leaves/wood straight up. Saplings have to have 7m headroom I think, digging straight up as far as you can reach seems to work just fine.
    • Feudalism Fridays: Some kinda undeground fort thing in the west part of Espon, near the boathouse. The big tree is NOT part of it, nor is the bamboo/corn1 farm along the shore. Tea'll probably be mad if you set it on fire though.

Sicne I'm usually playing when I should be doing C++/geography/accounting/日本語 homework, I'm prone to going AFK. And of course megalag, since Notch has been "too busy" [cough]Civ 5[/cough] to debug SMP lately.

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And before I forget to tell you: I'm Kimura from the regular SCP Foundation wiki.

Here's my current skin.