Unnamed Insanely Old Map

Okay, yeah, I think I'm the only one still around who remembers this one, but it's worth mentioning since it's what started this whole community. Back in January/February 2010, Waxx started up a creative server. It was absolutely insane, as it was done in OMEN by someone with half a clue, and had features like flying mountains and immense caverns. Not many of the people who were involved are still around, I figure me and Lam are probably the only two. Of the people I can remember, the major players were: Waxx, Frank_Horrigan (founder of the original #minecraft channel, invaded by goons, but that's another story), Light, Gears, I think Bright used to be around, I know we entombed Lam at one point, pretty sure Kens was around a fair bit, who else…Kimura, maybe, Kald, Aeish (I have no recollection of this guy but he's in the thread), and a guy called Mount.

My memory when it comes to this one is a bit hazy, but there are a few things I remember.

  • There was the half-assed attempt to build Site-19 (not the IRC channel, the SCP Foundation in-universe location).
  • A tower somewhere near the spawn with a water elevator, I think.
  • Some pixel art, the nature of which escapes me.
  • The Deep Site. Holy god, Deep Site. A series of flooded caverns the likes of which I've never seen since. Figure a normal SMP cavern system…except fitting to something I wouldn't hesitate to call a fractal pattern. We honestly never mapped it all the way down. It was hard enough keeping it unflooded, as this was before MC# and fancy cuboid_air commands. Sponges by the ton. Discovered by myself (Raven, if you didn't guess that by now) and Frank. Frank went spelunking one day, and had me seal the entrance behind him. A half hour later he says something along the lines of "Raven, you need to see this." It actually wound up linking into Site-19 towards the back if I recall. Still the absolute coolest thing I've seen in Minecraft. We spent literally weeks trying to dry it out and use it.

That's all I remember, and there weren't any backups of the map, so once Waxx's server went down it was lost. This lead to the formation of the community you see today.