Towers of Sun and Moon

The Towers of Sun and Moon are structures created by teaflower on the SMP map, Alpha. The Sun Tower is located to the north of teaflower's lodge, while the Moon Tower is located to the west.

The Moon Tower was first built as a mode of celebrating the addition of night to SMP. Atop the Moon Tower, which is at the highest build level of the map, one can see many landmarks, especially at night. The Moon Tower is constructed primarily of cobblestone and iron, with accents of snow and mossy cobble. However, due to carelessness of resources and generally faulty resources, the Moon Tower may be considered the cause of the Frostocalypse. Many believe that the tower was constructed improperly and should be more adequately lit, and some hold true that the Moon was angry about the tower being a bit stubby and cursed the world with the Frostocalypse. The true reason is teaflower was silly and placed ground snow around the tower, not thinking it would spread to other lands. The Moon Tower has an iron floor and viewing platform and has a water moat. Near the Moon Tower is the Snow House, which is a… house made of… snow…

The Sun Tower is a much larger monument, taking many Minecraftian days and nights to fully construct. It is composed of cobblestone and gold. Unlike the Moon Tower, the Sun Tower has a much more regular construction. It is technically much taller than the Moon Tower, however the top of the tower doesn't brush the build ceiling. The Sun Tower is similar to the Moon Tower in that it has a metal floor and viewing platform and is fitted with a spiral staircase to the top, but mostly the similarities end there. The Sun Tower has a lavapool in the center of the floor, fed by a lavafall starting at the viewing platform. The corners of the viewing platform are adorned with burning logs. There is a lava moat around the structure, and the staircase spirals around the lava fall, which oddly doesn't give off as much light as regular lava.

Both towers have wonderful views and can see lands far and wide. Oddly enough, though, one cannot see a tower from the other. Teaflower's lodge isn't terribly far from both locations, and is a good starting point for any adventure.