To The Bravest

A submission for National Novel Writing Month, To the Bravest is an epic detailing the life of one Nicholas Stillwell, a young man from the country of Espon. Along with his friends Ina and James, as well as his brother Neil, he goes on a grand adventure to find out why Espon was burnt.

Many SCPers make appearances at one point or another in the story. The Princess of Espon is very much so teaflower, and the general in charge of the Clockwork Nation is tbob. comwilson is in charge of Van dal Havet Dal vid Havet and Alice Margetroid is seen in Windhoek. MrSparks is also involved at one point, and one could see that James is Aesop and even that Thalia is Aelanna.

The story is technically finished, and teaflower has begun work on the second part, To the Wisest.