Things You Can Do To Help

Our wiki is very small. We don't have a lot of pages, even though there are many different place on many of our maps. If we were to document each of these areas, then it would be grand!

Here's what you can do to help.

Pages In Need of Creation

Pages In Need of Other Information

Pages In Need of Screenshots

Other Projects

  • Tags on all pages teaflower took care of that. With NO ONE ELSE'S HELP.
  • Pages should not be 'deadends'; they should link to another page.
  • Style cleanup. (some pages are written in a completely different style than others; member pages are exempt)
    • First mention of article should be linked, subsequent should not.
    • Third person perspective.
    • No profanity, because public site and small children and such.
  • Member pages for all users, as well as ways to contact main mods and operators and what have you.
  • Organization of everythiiiing. Because teaflower is OCD.
  • Possible Random Article page? That would make teaflower happy.

If anything can be done, please help us. Thank you.