Quote him, Nevermore Dammit!. I run the backup server and rule the IRC channel. I'm almost always online in IRC, but you can also get in touch with me by email at moc.liamtoh|212aeraretsasid#moc.liamtoh|212aeraretsasid, or Wikidot PM (I'm more likely to see a PM because I don't check my email very often). You could consider me the liaison to the main SCP community, being an operator in #site19 and a mod admin (whee promoted) nothing! on the site. Often found using #scpminecraft as an escape from the tidal waves of dumb in #site19, commonly talking to myself since I can never tell if someone is active or just idling.

Not on Minecraft so much since…well, less since the Halloween update, and barely at all since the Beta. The map shuffles have left me lost, and I'm useless against mobs. I do pop in every now and then, but that usually lasts until I get ganked by a creeper and ragequit. Back as of the new FF server. Gone again. The Creative server is still available, despite my generalized hatred of the MySQL bits needed to run it. Just ask if you want it up, I don't leave it on because of a variety of stupid reasons boiling down to "this computer was not built as a server."