The Arena Of The Ages

A decently sized complex, the Arena of the Ages is teaflower's second arena. Located relatively close to Spawn and on a lake/ocean, the Arena offers many passtimes, including a battle square (which isn't terribly square), a very small Spleef arena, as well as a hall of champions. The Hall of Champions house 'trophies' of recognition for champions of Spleef, the battle square, and the Gauntlet, as well as those that we have lost.

The Gauntlet is teaflower's favorite way to muck with people. It is an underground series of trials, including a hall of arrows, room of doors, lava, fire, and darkness. Prizes include saddles, diamonds, gold, weaponry, and cake. One of the main rules, though, is not to alter the Gauntlet. Notable griefing includes breaking through the glass maze, putting out flames, and placing torches in purposefully darkened rooms.

Fairly close to the Arena is the Traveler's Inn.

Fun fact: The Arena is named for an optional area in the DS version of Chrono Trigger.

The Exterior (showing the Spleef Tower)


The Battle Square (to the right is the Gauntlet)


Teaflower's Favorite Room Ever