Teasmap is a map divided into two areas. The first area is a wilderness setting, with ruined towers, caves, and little lodges. Across from the wilderness is a city area, with houses, skyscrapers, a court house, and a jail. Teasmap is a free build area, as long as you build city type things on the city half of the map and wild type things on the wilderness half of the map. It started as a story, with the main character living in the tower you spawn in and him seeking to find the girl of his dreams in the brick house on the opposite corner. It… kind of devolved.

Many maps borrow from teasmap, including zombiesiege and fallout.

Currently, the cave area has been accidentally expanded and the map has been set so that only Advbuilders and above can build on the map. This came after an incident involving a hidden water passageway and a giant target. These were blown up quite angrily by Holt and teaflower.


The Spawn Tower

The Home of a Young Lady


Other Locations

A field of desert roses. The young lady's favorite.

A mountain, with gold at the top.

The ancient tower.

The courthouse, on the edge of the wilderness.

The young lady's fireplace, as well as Holt destroying the physics engine.

A clear view outside, as well as Holt's continued destruction of the physics engine.

Inside the courthouse. This is where The Trial of Aesop was held.