Teaflower's Railroad

Originally started to get the achievement On a Rail, where one travels 1km nonstop via rail, Teaflower's Railroad started somewhere in the southern icy forests and stretched past her abode and into plains farther south. However, after getting the achievement via single player, something needed to be done with the rail.

The rail was then lengthened considerably, in both directions. The rail no longer starts in the icy forests, but starts in the general area of the Traveler's Inn and stretches far southward. Because of its considerable length, the rail is broken into several portions.

At the beginning of the rail is Train Station Theta, which isn't all that much, really. Very small, kind of built in the heat of the moment. The rail stretches north from there, past progress' Concent. Somewhere near a small unknown civilization lies Junction Tunnel GRIEVER, which junctions the rail from The Spawn Stretch to Aqua Via. Aqua Via then stretches across the ocean, and as an arctic biome comes into view, the rail seamlessly transitions into Frigidus Via. Frigidus Via passes over ice and snow, ultimately reaching Junction Tunnel ELLONE. From there, Frigidus Via continues, up several steep mountains and onto the original route of the rail.

However, the rail ends outside of teaflower's abode, and one can start fresh onto the second half of the rail. This leads to the Mystery Lodge, a remote area far outside of human contact. The whole rail, the Octus Trail, ends there. Further plans include building Train Station Eta, which will stretch from the Mystery Lodge to who knows where.

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