Teaflowers Lodge

Teaflower's lodge started off as teaflower's secret house, but then people started coming in more and more and yeah, not so secret. The main room has a doubley fortified wall of dirt, then cobblestone. The main room consists of the treasure room, the bed room, and the mine entrance. Recent additions include the chimney, the lava entrance, and the farm.

The first entrance to teaflower's lodge is a ladder up the wall, then down into the house. The ladder has the same double fortification as the rest of the house. The lava entrance was designed as an easier way to enter the house, albeit you have to navigate a narrow, twisting walkway. Consequences for failure include falling into the lava and burning to death. The lava aspect was included to make it more difficult for hostile mobs to gain entry to the house, should the doors remain unchecked. Originally, the second door was designed to have a steel door operated by a red dust wire, controlled by a floorswitch. When that didn't happen, it morphed into a need for a lever of some sort. The red dust… didn't work. The system remains intact, but it simply does not function at this point.

The mine is a sprawling underground cave, with a room leading down to the bedrock and a cave with a lava and waterfall in close proximity. The treasure room is a small room built around the housewarming gifts from Holt (raw ore). The farm was the first major addition to the house and the door is located on the small loft formed by the treasure room. It has water on each of the sides and several areas of farmland, filled with wheat. The bedroom is the other half of the loft, which is really quite small. It has a cloth bed, book cases, and a little cubbie for reading.

The chimney is a recent addition, with the coming of the Frostocalypse. Rather than being made of cobble like the rest of the exterior, the chimney is made of brick. Rather striking, IMO. The chimney is constructed so that no enemy hordes can climb down it, unless GOD FORBID THEY CAN CLIMB LADDERS AAAAAAAAGH. It has a ladder going up, but the fire pit is almost always lit. You probably shouldn't play Santa with her chimney.