Oh hey! That's me! I'm teaflower, and I'm an admin on the creative server as well as an op on the SMP server. I made and basically run this wiki, so if something glaringly is wrong with the actual site format or anything, I'm the person to get in touch with.

On the creative server, I'm the mastermind behind teasmap, and as the MOTD states, I don't enjoy critters in there. They're a physics drain and they make me rage. I also came up with zombiesiege, which is like what would happen if teasmap were suddenly overtaken and turned from quaint little suburb into giant city and there were zombies everywhere. There's also a little surprise in the church of zombiesiege.

At the current moment, I am basically in charge of the chat, as well as a good portion of the SMP map. Structures of mine include Espon, The Arena of the Ages, the Traveler's Inn, and a whole lot of other things. I'm probably the main cause of the Frostocalypse and have been linked to the Glorious Communist Nuclear Test Site. I have a fondness for building towers, and one of my favorites of all time were the Towers of Sun and Moon. I'm also the owner of Blinky and the creator of teaflower's railroad.

Also, I love making skins. I love making video game character skins, to be precise. This is my current skin, and don't feel shy about asking who they are. I go for Final Fantasy, Chrono, and Tales of Destiny skins primarily, and I might be swayed to make a skin just for you.

I also love to write, and have actually written a story based on Minecraft for a contest thing. I write other things, but that one is the main project.

I'm generally around all the time, so if you need me just call me up in the IRC.

Artist Rendition of Teaflower