Spawn is typically a landmark destination for all maps. It usually houses the most construction, is the starting point for all adventures, and eventually runs low on resources.

The Spawn area on the Alpha Map became Old Town, a simple settlement where players could get accustomed to the world and set out on their own. At some point following the Frostocalypse, Spawn relocated to Port Town, far to the south.

On the Bravo Map, Spawn had a massive furnace system, designed to counter the furnace bugs at the time. Near Spawn was teaflower's house, which was affected by spawn protection (one could not open or close the doors).

On the Charlie/Feudal Friday Map, the Spawn was a simple flat plane that had roads leading to various other settlements, including Espon, Dal vid Havet, and Clockworks. It also had a massive sign post, indicating directions for many major landmarks.

Finally, the Delta map hosts the dormitory, as well as a signboard. Relatively near to Spawn is the Glorious Communist Nuclear Test Site, and from there lies The Arena of the Ages.

The Sign Board