South Snowshoevania

So you want to live in Snowshoevania? Been through some sort of mental trauma then? You've made the right decision! Before you wander off into the land of Snowshoevania however, you may want to get acquainted with the basics of our land. Let us start by introducing you to Spawnville.

Welcome to Snowshoevania



Spawnville (most commonly referred to as Spawn) is the hub town of Snowshoevania. This is where you will start in Snowshoevania and you may want to stick around for a while until you are ready to enter the wilderness.

Your first sight upon entering Snowshoevania will be this:


First sight in Snowshoevania

Upon entering Snowshoevania you will receive some Stone tools. YAY FOR FREEBIES! So you have your basic tools covered. Next you'll want food.


100% Animal Cruelty free…free

Holy fuck that chest must stink! As you can see we are well stocked with food. various chests around Spawnville contain food. As long as it's not in anyone's building and there's not a sign on it, it's free to take. Now since you have no armour and you have a sword made from stone, you'll probably want to spend the night in a safe place where you can sleep. We have just the place for you. The Barracks:


The Barracks

Inside are many luxury beds and chests to keep your crap in or steal borrow items from them.

So now you have the basics you can go off and explore Spawnville and the outside world. Below is a list of places to see and various other things relating to Snowshoevania:



Other Areas


The Nether

Ender Farm


Groups of Interest