SMP Maps

Current Maps:

Snowshoevania - It's running the current version, and has some fun stuff in it. It also has a couple plugins.

Upcoming Maps:

None Planned

Previous/Outdated Maps:

Juliet (Tekkit SMP)

The only active map at this time, Juliet is a Tekkit SMP server run by Comwilson.

India (Tekkit SMP)
A short-lived Tekkit SMP server run by Aelanna, India was home to the Bay Expeditionary Base.

Hotel (FF)
Another previous Feudalism Friday map, Hotel was home to MegaNewton, SkyLoft, and St. Rober's Monastery

Golf (FF)
A previous Feudalism Friday map. Implemented when the Adventure Update came out.

Foxtrot: Unlike previous SMP-Regular maps, Foxtrot had a unifying theme.

Delta: The third SMP map, which was hosted by Aelanna. Most famous for the damage caused to it by an incident involving Eraiya. It was scrapped when the Adventure Update came out.

Charlie: The first FF or Feudalism Friday map. It was an exercise in a roleplay environment. Taken down due to load on the computer from which it was hosted, experienced high amounts of lag and time outs.

Bravo: The second SMP map. Contained such works of art as Castle Cessara, Flora Theama, the Great Railroad Project and various other wonders. Was eventually taken down due to extreme lag caused by its large size and/or corruption

Alpha: Our first map, contained Newton. Is often referred to as the Newton map by those that played there. Was destroyed due to chunk corruption by unstable tnt usage.