Congratulations! Some way, some how, you have managed to find the SCP Minecraft Wiki! More likely than not, you were directed here by someone in the The SCPM Chat. But now that you've found us, we need to tell you how we roll. Let's start with where you are.


With more and more time spent on SMP and little to no time spent on Creative, rankings have been changed repeatedly.

Top: People who run our various services. These include Roget, who spearheaded the revival, Snowshoe, who runs the current server, and TheRaven, who is the owner of the chat channel.
Next: The second-in-commands. These people are the currently absent teaflower, or NachtRuine, who make sure stuff doesn't explode in the chat when Raven goes away. You can recognize them in the chat from a symbol in front of their names, like an @ or a gold star.
Next: Regular users in the chat and server who have not yet earned or are trusted with op powers.
Bottom: Banned users, or other users in poor standings with the community.
Lowest of the low: This guy.

Admins And Other People With Power

Now that we know where you stand, let's talk about the people you should go to if you have a problem or anything.

Snowshoe runs the current SCPMC server, and perpetually could not give a hoot about your shennanigans, as long as you stop building fucking boxes around his horses and his dogs. Built a floating sky farm, and enjoys long walks on the beach.
TheRaven is the current owner of the chat. That means that he is in charge of EVERYTHING related to this. Once upon a time he hosted a creative server if needed, but those were in days gone by. If for whatever reason the channel is suddenly unregistered, or you need the creative server, he's the person to go to.
teaflower is currently inactive, but is still in charge of the wiki, and has done most of the editing. She would like you to know that you should feel free to edit, as she's tired of being the only one who does. She's also the second in command of the chat,and if there's a direct incident (or something has gone horribly wrong and Raven isn't there), you should turn to her. Until she resumes activity, talk to Nacht or Snow
Roget has admin in the chat, and has op in Snowshoe's server. Brought about the current revival of the game, by getting a server and a few people interested in playing. Also does a fair bit of writing on the SCP Wiki, so you can ask him about that stuff.
NacjtRuine is an op in the channel, and can help with issues in there. He enjoys dank, dark caves and the Sun.

How We Roll

So we've got where you stand in all this, and who to talk to if you need to bother someone. Now, let's go over the rules in general.

1. Ops and admins have the final say in every matter. If you have a problem, ask them. Don't try and solve it yourself. If they say 'Stop' or 'No TNT', then that means stop what you're doing, and no TNT.
2. No TNT. Ever. Under any circumstances. Especially if you're a new user, this is strictly forbidden. If TNT IS granted permission, it will only be in small quantities, like one or two blocks at a time. You don't NEED 4 stacks of 64.
3. If there is a structure nearby, or a cave system with torches in it, and you know it isn't yours, leave it be. If you want to help build it, find out who made it/is making it and get their permission first. If you purposefully destroy, recolor, set ablaze, explode, pour lava into, pour water into, set various dispenser related traps, or otherwise make the structure not as it was WITHOUT PERMISSION, this counts as griefing, which is a bannable offense.
4. In the chat, please don't spam. Spammers are not fun. Also, if you manage to find us WITHOUT going through The Mother Wiki, please be prepared for some serious questioning.
5. Creative rules are generally the same, but with the introduction of MCZall, don't… go overboard. We had some… interesting adventures with the stuff.

What To Do If There Is A Problem

In the event of serious structural collapse, please continue testing. … er… talk to the people in charge. Try to stay away from drama, it ain't fun.

All in all, enjoy yourselves, and don't get blown up by creepers!