Raven's Various Maps

These are all essentially defunct, but might as well get a page anyways. Just going to list them all with a quick description in no particular order.

  • Das World: a rather amusing failed attempt to make an interesting world with OMEN. Wound up inverted with a cavern system and earth floating above an adminium hole.
  • That Level: another OMEN fiasco, this time a mostly-empty adminium pit.
  • Magnets: made and named around when that godawful Insane Clown Posse song came out. Yet another upside down world.
  • Unknown: a misnamed copy of Battle that I haven't deleted yet, slightly edited from the original dumps.
  • Battle and Battle (2): level dumps of the first Battle map. Don't ask why there are two, I don't know.
  • The Island: I'm not entirely sure what's up with this one. Might have been on Bane's server. Kind of weird…really, really weird.
  • River: OMEN, once again.
  • Wat: the result of trying some odd map dimensions. 32x256, if I'm not mistaken.
  • War: was going to be the successor to Battle3, I think.
  • Woods: a freebuild map similar to Wasteland. Features a strange tower, a sea monster whose name escapes me (built by Tea), and a harbour with channel markers and a Norse longship, by Raven.
  • Mountains: direct successor to Wasteland. Not much, but a few flags and a castle bearing Teaflower's emblem.
  • Highlands: contains nothing of note, at least not that I can see, other than a lot of flowers.
  • Wastes: a halfhearted attempt at an apocalypse map. Ceiling of rocketstarts.

And a bunch that were deleted as useless, the only notable one being this, which completely baffled me and looked kind of fractal-y. If anyone wants to have a look around any of these some time, ask me in chat. I don't know how well the server is working these days from a non-local connection, but I can try it.