Old Town

Old Town was the first established settlement in The-World. Old Town was founded in a small stretch of desert immediately next to spawn by Tribalbob and Doc Kens. Being the first community in the new world, it featured a welcome center. As additional players joined the new world, player houses began to spring up, and a plurality of mining operations dotted the terrain as players attempted to gather resources such as Coal or Redstone

The original welcome center, being made of wood, was promptly burned to the ground by Tribalbob within a few hours of construction. From that point onwards, most buildings were built primarily of Cobblestone.

Within a few days, Old Town was razed, and the blocks repurposed to help build the as-yet unnamed New Town to the west, which would eventually become Newton. More recently, Old Town has gained several ponds, a bridge, and a train station with tracks leading to Newton. Beyond to the train station to the south lie cactus fields, and a large dam with a high volume of runoff.