Our primary living area in The World. Newton is an extensive town underneath a large arch formation. It has resources aplenty at this point in time. Current residents include most everyone one the SMP server. Facility-wise it has an aquaduct constructed by Flipa which feeds water to our rather large community farm. We also have a warehouse.

Newton is connected to Old Town via a railway through the forest. Outside of Newton's limits are a dump for removal of unwanted blocks, a vast forest that has a bad habit of catching fire, PIGS OH MY GOD THE PIGS EVERYWHERE, and many other features. Once inside the town, there is a house to your left. That's teaflower's house, and the first three floors are hers. Above her house is the watch tower, a guard station designed to spy and alert ground troops of incoming beasts. A fall from the top of the guard tower will HURT.

To your right will be a cactus farm. Lamhfhada's house is behind it, and he is very protective of his cacti.


As you continue going forward, there will be a VERY well lit building a bit to your left and a staircase to your right. The well lit building is the warehouse, and it has more than its fair share of iron, gold, red dust, and torches. Out back is the community farm, filled aplenty with wheat and bamboo. Towards the center of town is the Town Hall, though it isn't terribly furnished at this point. There are other buildings around, near, and in Newton.

Complete list of guard towers: (Screenshots upcoming)
1) Teaflower's guard tower/house.

2) Doc_Kens' bunker and lookout point.