Consider this, dear reader: You have just joined a fresh server. You have no materials and it's night time. You are screwed, are you not?

Not so! One could always use the MCCheat program, a program designed to help you out of a hole on SMP. With this program, you can get whatever materials you need (or want), even if you're not an op. You can MAKE yourself an op! You can fly and you can be invisible and invincible and it's like World of Minecraft but for SMP and and and


While MCCheat is a handy program, consider this as well: The admins and operators are willing to give you anything you need or want on a regular basis, barring certain restrictions. You need tools? Boom, diamond set. I'll even throw in a golden apple or 64. You need stone? Give me a bit while I simply give it to you.

As for the other perks, consider this as well: Following the incident resulting in the [Glorious Communist Nuclear Test Site], if we see you using this program or any of its effects, you will be banned, no questions asked. It is unfair to other players, you really DON'T need that much TNT, you can always pillarclimb, and wah wah wah you died? We ops can get you more things.