The Pits

The Pits (current name as of yet, future name to be given upon completion) is an underground factory complex being constructed by Xiao. The Pits is a series of quarry holes that were mined to bedrock.

Current status: mid-levels in progress. Teleporter hub room incomplete, but ready to accept teleporters.

Entire project funded by 6 diamond-producing power flowers.


Main Structure:

  • Lower Bunker: Contains backup observation controls, and redstone controls to primary power storage units. All doors password-protected.
  • Power Management Deck: Controls power distribution to all connected facilities.
  • Labs: Password-protected synthesis labs. Will include a nuclear reactor structure in the near future.
  • Offices: rednet-linked offices with a small common lounge and a hanging garden. Database also located here.
  • Dormitory: Residences and amenities for all site staff.
  • Receiving and Administration: Main surface link for all personnel. Administration offices also located at this level.

Factory Subunits:

  • Lower Bunker: Contains basic controls to incoming power supply units. Password-protected.
  • Power Management: Controls power distribution to entire silo.

Power Production:

  • Lower Bunker: Contains controls to all power management equipment within the silo. Password-protected.
  • Power Distribution: Provides interchange between primary structure and energy production silos.


  • The Forest: Artificially created forest to bring life to the surrounding area.