Juliet is the second Tekkit SMP map, hosted by Comwilson.

Major Landmarks

Black Mountain - Built from black basalt and Tron light pipes, this massive mesa-top complex was built by Aelanna.

[needs screenshot]
The Crater - A former NPC village site, this area was obliterated in a fit of nuclear rage by Tox.

[needs screenshot]
The Mutated Mushroom Patch - Near spawn, this mutated mushroom biome was created by a terraformer. A reinforced bunker contains a publicly accessible energy collector.

[needs screenshot]
The Nuclear Power Station - Built by Jess, this highly automated reactor complex produces and stores a prodigious amount of IndustrialCraft power.

[needs screenshot]
Stark Industries - Built by Jess, this factory complex produces all sorts of advanced machinery.

Other Notable Locations

[needs screenshot]
The Pits - An underground machinery/turtle factory, WIP by Xiao. Project abandoned due to new construction techniques

Subtropolis - An underground city. Planned by Tretter.