The Frostocalypse was an event sparked by the innocent mucking around of a girl and her op powers. The lands of the SMP map are covered in snow, the waters have iced over, and many feel that they have been put into a New England winter. Many have found ways of keeping up with the land's demands. For example, comwilson and teaflower created winterlike skins for themselves (willy basically put a scarf and gloves on his dude, teaflower made a skin of herself in somewhat odd winter gear), while Rapier838 and (with teaflower's assistance) made an ice rink.

Along with the snow and ice seems to have come with a change of spawn: Instead of being in Old Town, the spawn is located in Port Town, a land far to the south of Old Town. However, thanks to a TNT asplosion, the road to Old Town is littered with many a trap, and by trap I mean you can't walk through without your game crashing.