After The End (Foxtrot, SMP-Regular)

A long time ago, the world ended. The civilizations of man fell, and monsters took over. Cities that once spanned continents and touched the sky were reduced to rubble, and Mother Nature blanketed everything in green once more.

But a few humans survived. The SCP Foundation, seeing the end was nigh, froze some of its best and brightest individuals deep underground in a secret base and left them with the tools to rebuild the world when the time came. That time is now.

Foxtrot is the third SMP map hosted by Aelanna.

Special Rules

  • Foxtrot is a THEMED map. Please do not build random buildings without the consent of the moderators. If you would like to assist with any of the major projects (Site Zero, Transit System, Fort, City), please ask a moderator for guidance and Builder.

Notable Areas

Site Zero

Built deep beneath the earth in total secrecy, Site Zero is all that remains of the original SCP Foundation. Its barren halls held thousands of survivors in cryogenic deep-freeze, awaiting the day when they could awaken and retake the world from the monsters.

SCP Transit System

These ancient tunnels once carried personnel between SCP facilities in secrecy. Now, they are used to get between places without being molested by surface world monsters.

The Fort

This ancient military base once hid weapons of mass destruction. The weapons are long gone, used by the last humans in a desperate attempt to hold off the monsters, but the old tunnels and buildings remain.

The City

The crumbling ruins of this human city was once home to thousands of people. Now, only undead and monsters wander its streets.