(FF) So you want to be an Outlander?

Facing complaints and the like, I decided to make a little guide. It applies to the Outlanders in the Feudalism Friday SMP map.

What is an outlander? Outlanders are groups that are not official nations but are recognized as regular players. Their names (should) appear as dark gray or black. The have certain special allowances and limitations not applied to other players, and function mainly as a means to maintain a game balance.

So you want to be an outlander? Thats all well and good, but I highly recommend you try one of the official nations first. Being an outlander may seem cool now, but some of the upcoming stipulations may make the price too high. We also need to maintain game balance. If you are determined to be an outlander, you have one of three choices:

1) Join the Bandits/raiders/whatever-we-ares.
2)Join the Vikings
3)Create your own "faction"

One thing to remember as an outlander is that the only hard and fast rule on Feudalism Fridays is no griefing. I have construed this to mean messing with other peoples things, ranging from buildings to items. Players in the wild are fair game, but buildings must be cleared with a two national leaders, or preferably tbob, for destruction, even if they are in the wilderness.

Options one and two are really the only ones that count. If you try option three you will most likely be rejected and allowed to be pillaged for building outside of civilization. You are unprotected. Option 1 allows you to join the bandits (your application may be denied for balance purposes), who exist for several reasons. They control the wilderness (areas outside of the fence surrounding most civilized areas) to prevent rampant expansionism and exploration. They also maintain a tower that is used for raiding purposes. Every once-in-a-while a raid on the tower is staged in which the established nations can compete to get whatever treasures have been hidden in the tower for that raid. They also help in any and all repair operations in a post griefing incident. progress heads the bandits at this point in time.

Option 2 gets you access to the vikings. The vikings are essentially a marine version of the bandits, with a focus on disrupting sea travel once PvP is implemented.

I think thats it for now. Happy hunting!