Feudalism Friday

Feudalism Friday is a server featuring an alternate gameplay philosophy, originally inspired by Tribalbob and further developed with input from the entire established community. The primary difference in playstyle being that griefing, player killing, and general dickery are not inherently bannable offenses. The only areas in which such behavior is restricted are Asoria and Benedict, cities run by rival admins Teaflower and Tribalbob. Each admin has their own expectations of the players under their protection, and of what acceptable behavior constitutes, and each admin has the right to engage in any action they see fit. After a player is enjoined into one of these duelling city-states, they'll recieve permission to build within the city limits, as well as a colored chat-name to aid in identification.

Buildings and property within the cities may receive various protections as allowed by the game and plugins. Players belonging to either Benedict or Asoria may receive additional benefits, such as reimbursement for being player-killed, material aid in case of disaster, and promotion to higher in-game ranks.


There are only 3 hard rules in FF.

  1. No cheating, hacking, exploiting, cracking, or any other attempts to gain advantage via any means not intended by the game mechanics.
  2. Every action has a consequence, if you can't face the consequence, don't undertake the action.
  3. The admins can, and will, ban you.

Going Solo

You are perfectly entitled to eschew the protections of either city-state and build out in the wilderness. If you log in the next day and find everything burned down and all your materials stolen, that is a consequence of your choices. Please accept our sympathies as you endeavour to gather and rebuild once more.

Current Feudalism Friday Map

The current FF map is Golf.

Alright, so, as most people know, the feudal aspect of the FF server languished away and it really just became a survival server. Well, the tide flows both ways, and we now have an active enough player base (now being the summer of 2012, currently 6/17/2012) to once more attempt Feudalism. However, things are changing. No longer are the city-states under the control of the admins. Now, any player is free to start a city, for a price. We're using gold as currency, and the idea is that you "buy" the right to start a city with an amount of gold that a single player or two is unlikely to part with. By doing so, you also buy the right to elect a member of your town to the ruling council, based in Well of the World. As such, you are able to procure protection in a similar way as to the original set-up of FF, and have further means of recourse against other factions. As the council is based in Well of the World, it is the starting point, making spawn and other areas still free for survival players.

Now, what about the gold economy? It's simple. Allotments of land are available within Well of the World for sale, with different districts for residential, business and even entertainment and industry. Stores typically have listed prices for their items. If the player isn't on, feel free to go ahead and use the honor system to buy (or, if indicated, sell) at the stores. It might not be one of the original, "hard" rules of the FF server, but stealing is considered tantamount to griefing with-in the confines of the established cities, and as such may result in a ban. Individual cities may have more rules, be sure to check them out.

Now, keep in mind, this is all still tentative, so for now, treat it like it was still a survival server. Don't grief, don't steal. Might not be a hard and fast rule, but it's a quick way to piss of an admin.