Doc Kens

Ah, Doctor Kens. Wonderful fellow, usually around most of the time. Goes by GX-67 around here. Is Asian!

I'm usually one of the more level-headed admins, and will generally give you a higher rank if you behave yourself and act calmly and properly. If you manage to piss off either me or any of the other admins, my wrath is swift and severe. Seriously: Don't tempt it.

I also help run the SCP Minecraft teamspeak server. I don't always leave it on, though, and if I don't…well, drop me a line in IRC. PM me if you have any concerns, and I'll try to get back to you.

I can usually be found either playing SMP or creating things in Creative. I make things like…

Dragons and Monsters…






And buildings.


The man himself!