Desert Prison

The Desert Prison was one of teaflower's creations on Bravo. A part of Flora Theama, the Desert Prison was in stark contrast to the rest of the country. Whereas the castle was on a lush hill near a river and lake and ocean, the Desert Prison was… a desert. There would be no food or water available, and the ultimate plan was to have obsidian outer gates and entry ways.

The Prison was filled with many obstacles designed to punish people. The walls were protected by a thick layer of cacti, and there was little to no natural light. Guards were to be staffed with bows and arrows to strike would-be escapees. There was no natural light, facilitating the spawning of things such as spiders and zombies and what have you.

Among the physical obstacles, there were several mental ones. There was one pit of lava, which could easily be jumped into to commit suicide. There were also several degrading signs scattered around, saying various nasty things to the reader, such as encouraging the reader to jump to their left (into a cactus) or to jump into the lava, as no one would miss them.