Delta is the fourth and most current map of the SMP Maps. It is run by Aelanna from a very reliable network, and is typically very quick to update.

Delta A

At first establishment, Delta was a very simple place. It featured The Arena and The Dormitory, as well as various other structures. However, following an incident in chat, Delta B was established.

As the situation is remembered, it went something like this. teaflower set down something in the chat, and said that if anyone were to send her another PM, she would kick them, as many people were bombarding her. Eraiya then proceeded to send her a PM, and teaflower responded with a kick. Eraiya took this a bit far, and proceeded to hack into the server via MCCheat. He procured several stacks of TNT and placed them on teaflower's house and her arena, as well as in the dorms. The resulting explosion created the Glorious Communist Nuclear Test Site. As a result, Eraiya was banned quite angrily.

Delta B

Following the incident, Delta seemingly started anew. The dorms were rebuilt, but the Arena and teaflower's house was unsalvagable. teaflower rebuilt, and eventually made the Random Floatan House and The Arena of the Ages. Other notable sites include the Communist Enclave and Fort Notch.

Somewhere in the winterlands, lies teaflower's new house and teaflower's railroad. This map introduced the concept of Wolves, and Nether support is planned for update 1.6.

However, note that this means Ghasts. Ghasts are not fun. All portals should be prepared in a safe, enclosed area.