Deepsite was a map created from an idea. To recreate a very old map, from the first SCP Minecraft server that started up in January or February 2010. We wanted caves. We wound up with a pretty big ocean and some islands. So of course a lot of things got built, a few accidents struck, and sea monsters started showing up.


  • A massive eldritch monstrosity sprouting tentacles, built by (who else?) Gears.
  • The massive undersea glass city of Rapture, constructed by many people.
  • An oil rig/floating fortress/site of sea monster attack, by Raven (sea monster by Holt)
  • A small cruiser under attack by kraken, property of Kens.
  • A static water loop, first one that I can remember, atop a maze. Both by Tbob.

Notable Events

  • The Great Flood: an incident in which, for no discernible reason, a layer of water 5 blocks deep by my reckoning spontaneously appeared from one corner of the map and began spreading. Contained by Kens, Raven and Holt with a couple hours mop-up time. No significant damage minus a lot of sponges. Additional images located here.
  • Lavasite: Someone let Sparks place active lava without telling him what it did. Predictable results. The ocean was replaced with a layer of active lava atop cobblestone. Fixed rather quickly with a map restore, copy saved by Bane. Not aware of any screencaps at the moment, will add them if they appear.
  • Monster Invasion: Sooner or later, everything we do results in horrible beasties. This one just went a bit quicker. Krakens attacking boats and oil rigs, a massive tower with tentacles rising from the depths, and probably some other things I don't remember. Many weapons were constructed, and the map became rather overrun, resulting in the creation of Battle.