Do not email anyone listed here unless the world has significantly exploded and you need our direct assistance.

With that said, we have a couple of people you can get in touch with if shit goes wrong.

moc.oohay|565rewolfaet#moc.oohay|565rewolfaet <- That's me, teaflower. I'm in charge of the wiki, as well as being an admin and op on both creative and SMP.

moc.liamg|GOT.galybhtaed#moc.liamg|GOT.galybhtaed <- That's bane2571. Bane hosts the creative server and knows his way around coding stuff. If the server dies or goes down, get in touch with him.

moc.liamtoh|212aeraretsasid#moc.liamtoh|212aeraretsasid <- Raven is in charge of the IRC, as well as being an admin for creative. He also hosts a backup server for creative and possibly SMP, so if something goes wrong with any of those, get in touch with him.

moc.yawym|boblabirt#moc.yawym|boblabirt <- Tbob, the man behind the current SMP server. If that suddenly dies or a component goes wrong, get in touch with him.