Our third map, or the Feudalism Friday map:

Current Status: Inactive

The third map and an interactive experiment on the part of Tribalbob, the Charlie map was the third of four maps. The basic concept was the idea of separate kingdoms and factions, with the hope of PvP coming soon. The map originally only happened on Fridays, hence the name, but was then extended to the weekend. Eventually, Charlie became the standard map for most people, with Aelanna's server being a second option.

Charlie was lucky in that it didn't become corrupt, like many other maps. Instead, the computer that the server was run off of was put out of commission.

With Tbob under more stable footing and the idea being very popular, not to mention SMP coming very close to completion, the idea of a Feudal Friday map is not out of the question.



A former powerhouse, a Kingdom seeking to stay great at any cost. Tbob demands loyalty and strength, and is otherwise unconcerned with the behavior of his subjects.
Leader: Tribalbob
Known Citizens:

Dal vid Havet

A quaint little town, tucked away in a valley by the sea. It's leader strives to remain neutral in all conflicts.
Leader: comwilson
Known Citizens:


A nice little town on the beach. Glass is considered too valuable to use. The entire town is rather flammable but thankfully there's water nearby. Teaflower claims she is "of peace" and will only attack if there's fire involved. Espon has a small colony north across the sea called Windhoek. Windhoek is run by Alice_Margetroid. The source of teaflower's grand epic To the Bravest.
Leader: Teaflower.
Known Citizens:
Kimura Okagawa (WackoMcGoose in-game)

The Unnamed

Responsible for the outbreak of excessive signage.
Leader: Aesopian
Known Citizens:

Other Factions


Raiders who avoid destruction but love a good bit of theft.They primarily live in an underwater base off the coast of Espon but supposedly have other more well hidden bases. Currently has the most members of any Faction/Kingdom1.
Known Vikings:
Combat Leader:Steelsentry
Grand Architect2: Kato Hearts
Head Creeper:Fenrs

Additional Projects


Iris is Rapier's little mine. Not much is known about them, other than their declaration of being 'chaotic neutral'.

Sky Canopy Project

A strange project no one knows much about. Supposedly will have sky bases
Project Leader:AliceMargatroid
Known Project Technicians:



Espon and Iris
Espon and the Sky Canopy Project