Our second map, Bravo was the next step from Alpha. Still in the very early stages of SMP development, for the first few weeks Bravo shared many of the oddities of Alpha, such as a lack of monsters and a lack of inventory. As such, many things were left out in the open for all to see. The Spawn Area was also given particular protection, to protect against someone deciding to put lava in the spawn.

teaflower's first house was directly in the spawn area, and featured an extensive underground mining complex. Nearby was a beach, as well as progress' floating sand staircase (as sand floated on top of torches). Teaflower eventually travelled across the ocean to settle in Flora Theama, which included a castle, a mine, a farm, a waterfall, and finally a Desert Prison. And another of Raven's famous mines, this one eventually open-faced with a house overlooking it.

Bravo was the first to feature monsters, but they were sorely underdeveloped. Of note was a creeper running directly past and not interacting with players. This has obviously been changed.

At one point, as an experiment, the server link to Bravo was given to the official Minecraft Forums. The server eventually buckled, as it could not handle the stress. The map fell out of use with the introduction of Charlie.

At some point during or in this general time frame, this Wiki was created. The forums at The Mother Site were becoming swamped with us fawning over Minecraft, and we were asked to make our own wiki. So we did. But we still need some help.