The first of the war maps, created after the invasion of Deepsite by terrible creatures. Many large things located around, heavily used map. Replaced after a while by Battle2. One of the few not entirely lost after Bane's departure, Raven had a backup of it. Unfortunately, it's formatted for Mc# and the server doesn't go online often. But if there's ever an outcry to see it, it'll be available.


  • The Sky Fleets, built by a number of people, located everywhere.
  • A Tree Of Unusual Size: directly under the spawn point, built by Nioki.
  • Das Kannon/Raven's Base: due West of spawn. Topped with a rather huge cannon based on Schwere Gustav, and an array of missiles, directed at the XKinator. Large naval gun turret pointing at the Tree. Many underground levels.
  • Alice's Secret Base: located somewhere in the Bay, under a false wall. Pretty big, incredibly well-concealed.
  • The Gate: a rather large teleporter, bringing in more skyships.
  • The XKinator: pretty obvious, it's the huge thing being bombed into oblivion. The eventual downfall of the map. This cosmic horror bought to you by Gears.
  • Neat (corrupted) pixel art: above the bay, corrupted by the XKinator.

Many, many more things than that, but those are the ones that spring to mind.

Notable Events

  • DOOOOOOM!: We started as factions wary of each other. Gears constructed the XKinator, a massive obsidian corruption machine. A united front to resist it was soon formed. Things got messy, and we changed over to Battle2.

Copies of the Map

I learned how to convert Battle into an SMP/Alpha/Beta/whatever map, and uploaded it to Mediafire.
Couldn't tell you how to run it, but here it is.
There's also the original .lvl file if you've got a server like MCLawl or anything. Drop it into the "levels" folder and run the server as usual.
The original.