Alpha Map (if you are looking for the game mode please visit Alpha Game

Our original map:


*Note: To the right is the map of the settled regions. Anywhere beyond those labeled be filled with dragons.

Survival Multi-Player (SMP) is our new favourite toy. It is still in an incomplete state, but it is fun anyways. A brief history, so you aren't lost:

When we first started in The World we founded the small village which we now refer to as Old Town. After stripping it of most materials we moved to Newton formerly known as New Town. We have taken up semi-permanent residence in Newton. Beneath Newton Progress (with occassional help from others such as Holt) carved out a small area known now as Bedrock it is the site for a future city meant to be the greatest possible safehouse. In both Newton and Bedrock there is a warehouse and community farm, open for everyones use. Both facilities are much more expansive in Newton.

There are also four additional areas close to Newton, but outside the city limits: Oslo, Nioki's tower, Flipa's Garden, and Lamhfhada's Castle. Oslo is towards the top of the hill behind Newton at the top of a stone stairway, Nioki's tower to the right of Oslo, Flipa's garden behind the Warehouse in Newton, and the Castle of Lamhf is northeast of Newton.

As of the last update, the SMP Map has been plagued with something dubbed the 'Frostocalypse'. Most of the map has been covered with snow and ice, and for some reason the spawn point has changed from somewhere near Old Town to Port Town. Old Town and other settlements are to the north of Port Town, however a strip of land has been rendered untraversable by a TNT explosion. However, the /sethome function carries over between log ins now, so if you don't feel like trekking that far out, you can just /home and return to wherever you set your home.

Areas far beyond Newton:

Many users from the days of Alpha remember Alpha quite fondly. Alpha, being the first of the SMP Maps, was riddled with various oddities. For the first few weeks, there was no day-night cycle in place. It was perpetually day, and when Night began to happen, people were quite taken aback. Also, for the entirety of Alpha's lifespan, there was no inventory retention, nor chests. This required the use of the warehouse. Unlike chests past map Charlie, chests did not retain, so a building had to be constructed. Also of note was the lack of furnace use. As such, the warehouse was covered in iron ore, gold ore, red stone dust, and torches. The torches eventually spread outside the warehouse, as well onto the roof.

Also of note, the player's individual difficulty settings were in effect. As such, if the user had their difficulty set to peaceful, jumping off of a roof would hurt, but they would regenerate health.