Agasa's plugin list

Here are some bukkit plugins that would be good IMHO, take inspiration if you like:

name - description

  • Permissions - It manages permission users and groups.
  • Backup - simple as that
  • LoginMessage - for the MOTD
  • MyWarp - simple as that, /warp command set
  • KitPlugin - to give users a restricted /give equivalent with predetermined item sets
  • VoxelMore - to give users the possibility to have unlimited stuff. Combined with Kits, it gives a good Creative approximation.
  • WorldEdit - to make possible to do large-scale editing, importing schematics, etc.
  • VoxelSniper - to make possible to do remote editing. Different from WorldEdit, it gives you a brush and you draw.
  • TimeShift - to keep it day. Or night. Or make the lenght of day and night different.
  • ColdLightning - to make the lightning-spawned fire harmless.
  • SetSpawn - lets you set the spawn point. lets you set Home too, i think, or not…
  • MotherNature - to regulate the frequency and distribution of rain/sun. Vanilla is biased sometimes and rains way too often.
  • RuneCraft - You know this already.
  • Minecart Mania - Ditto. I made an automatic coal factory with the Automations additional plugin. It makes coal from saplings. hah. Seriously, it's a must if you want a subway, at least the basic plugin.